More Performance And Luxury For 2023


Alfa Romeo has announced the details of the 2023 Giulia and Stelvio lineup. The refresh is not as extensive as we had hoped, primarily focusing on two new trims for the SUV and sedan twins that share the Giorgio platform in the form of the Lusso and Estrema trims, taking the number of configurations for each model to six.

Notably absent on the Giulia are the Tonale-inspired headlights that leaked on the Italian Carabinieri’s company car earlier this year, suggesting these may only arrive for the 2024 model year. Both the Giulia and Stelvio thus look the same as last year and the previous year, which is no great shame as they are two of the best designs currently on the scene.

For 2023, the Stelvio and Giulia are available with two carryover engine choices. The standard range is powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-pot producing 280 horsepower and 306 lb-ft of torque. You can order the four-pot models with rear-wheel-drive or an optional all-wheel-drive system. The Quadrifoglios are powered by a Ferrari-derived 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6, which sends 505 hp and 443 lb-ft to the rear wheels only of the Giulia and Q4 AWD on the Stelvio.

Despite the twins arguably being the best cars in their respective segments in a number of aspects, sales have been poor. Alfa hopes to change that with the introduction of two special-edition models that will be sold alongside the existing Sprint, Ti, Veloce, and Quadrifoglio trims.

The all-new Lusso trim builds on the existing mid-spec Ti trim. Focusing on luxury over dynamism, the Lusso specification adds Crema Cannelloni-design leather seating surfaces, leather-upholstered dashboard and door uppers, and a 14-speaker Harman Kardon sound system.

The Estrema variants are based on the performance-oriented Veloce, and are meant to bridge the gap between the standard range and the fire-breathing Quadrifoglio. The most significant changes are underneath the sultry bodywork; despite retaining the 280-hp four-cylinder engine, Estrema variants gain adaptive suspension and a limited-slip differential.

They also differ visually with carbon fiber on the mirror caps and grille, gloss black detailing, and dark alloy wheels sized 19 inches on the Giulia and 21 inches on the Stelvio. Inside, they receive the same Harman Kardon sound system as the Lusso but also a dual-pane sunroof and leather-trimmed sports seats.

Across the trim roster, all US-spec Stelvio and Giulia models come standard with the Dark Appearance design, which includes a dark grille, the sportier front fascia, and 35W bi-xenon adaptive headlamps. Interior-wise, all models have front and rear leather-clad heated seats, a wireless charging pad, a seven-inch instrument cluster display, and an 8.8-inch touchscreen display with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and SiriusXM radio.

The available interior colors include Black, Saddle Brown, and Red. The Crema Cannelloni interior with a duo-tone Crema/Black interior theme is exclusive to the Lusso, while the Estrema has a Black leather interior with sports seat and red dash and door stitching. The Quadrifoglio soldiers on with Black Sparco racing seats.

Alfa Romeo’s brilliant color palette is also carried over, but the most exuberant colors are limited to the Veloce and Quadrifoglio. The Veloce is available in Misano Blue ($660), Ocra GT Tri-Coat ($2,200), and the Quadrifoglio-only Verde Montreal (green) Tri-Coat, which also adds $2,200 to the price.

Price increases across the existing range are minimal. The base price of the Alfa Romeo Giulia sees a $600 increase, with the Sprint starting at $43,950. The Ti sees a similar increase to $46,650, but pricing for the Ti-based Lusso is not yet available. The Giulia Veloce has an MSRP of $52,090 – up by $900 – while the Estrema costs $55,490. The Quadrifoglio’s price is now $81,630, which is $1,600 more than last year.

On the Stelvio side of things, a $650 increase in base price sees the Sprint start at $46,200 and the Ti at $51,810. The Veloce costs $55,450 and the Estrema will ring you $59,350. The Stelvio Quadriflogio commands a premium of $87,500. Like the Giulia, pricing on the Lusso is not yet available.