Fashion Faves that MUST find their way into your wardrobe this season!


From Bold Patterns to Muted Colors, 2016 Fashion is all about making a statement & we ain’t mad at it!



style-Alice & Olivia

Alice + Olivia Spring 2016 Lookbook

1. Bold Patterns

Whether you’re wearing chunky vertical stripes or you’re sporting an intense texture mix, the bolder your OOTD, the more confident you’ll feel. Bold is the new power suit this season, ladies!

style-Sylvio Giardina - 2

Sylvio Giardina Spring 2016 Lookbook

Geometric Hems & Asymmetrical Accents

Form meets function in ready to wear pieces that accent our favorite features with geometric necklines and hems. Finish your look off with asymmetrical accessories and a bold patterned handbag to take your style to the next level.

style-Nobi Talai

Nobi Talai 2016 Lookbook

3. Simple Staples in Muted Colors

The first season of the new year is all about comfort and simplicity. Accent your wardrobe with clean and minimal staples that are interchangeable for more variety in your dress. Opt for muted colors and flowing fits to stay on trend this season.



Bally Spring 2016 Lookbook

1. ‘The Sophisticated Prep’

In last year’s February issue, Orlando Style was on the cutting edge of fashion in our article “From the Gym to the Office.” The article presented the trend of pairing gym essentials like clean and stylish sneakers with office attire for a comfortable and casual alternative to the classic business suit. If you work in a flexible and casual environment, you’ll still be leading the fashion scene with this look. 2016’s menswear is centered around the collision of the office and the gym, with celebs and models everywhere opting for a sophisticated pair of Reeboks, Nikes or Adidas over a typical dress shoe. Just remember to keep the worn and well-used tennies in the gym bag where they belong.

style-Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli Spring 2016 Lookbook

2. Muted & Monochromatic

Save the bold colors for another time and stick with tints, tones and shades of a single hue if you want to stay in style this spring. Opt for white on white with a monochromatic staple piece for a fresh and on-trend look.


Calvin Klein 2016 Lookbook

3. Asymmetric Simplicity

I’ll admit that some of the trends to fly off the runway and into stores are a little too couture to wear everyday. Calvin Klein, however, along with a few other brands, have released ready-to-wear lines that are actually wearable. Full of military greens and staple pieces, these clothing lines are centered around two things: asymmetry and simplicity. Tees and shirts with asymmetric hems that pair perfectly with slacks and pants of the same color family will make being put together and looking good easier this year than in years past. If a seat on the fashion bandwagon as “the guy who looks good all the time” is relevant to you, this is an easy trend to follow this season.

Before you dress in the morning, remember to stay true to you and wear everything with confidence – that’s the one accessory that will always make or break an outfit.