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Advanced Center for Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Roberto Macedo, DDS, MS, and PhD, is an expert in building beautiful smiles by achieving a perfect balance between knowledge, technology, passion, and art. As a third-generation dental specialist, he knows that the only way to treat patients is through excellence. Being involved in all aspects of dentistry at such a young age exposed him to world-class standards.  Dr. Macedo and his team do not compromise. Every one of his patients gets treated with the same attention, talent, and care.

Dr. Macedo is a true smile designer. He does not limit himself to just being a “fixer-upper” kind of prosthodontist. He goes above and beyond by giving personalized service to all his patients. Dr. Macedo has a unique and energetic approach that tailors a solution to strategically focus on the patient’s desires. He specializes in tooth replacement and restoration. With over 19 years of experience in the field, he is one of the most sought-after prosthodontists in the industry and a top choice.

Patients get the smile they desire because of Dr. Macedo’s approach towards his patients. He does an in-depth consultation with patients first before offering them with a wide variety of cosmetic dental procedures. Dr. Macedo makes sure that the results fit the expectations of his patients, through the “Macedo Mock Up.” The approach involves a before and after photo shoot enabling patients to be involved in the entire process and by having the actual mock up in their mouth. This way, patients attain the “Macedo Smile.”

The level of academic achievement the smile expert has is so challenging to attain that only a few handfuls of individuals in private practice have it. Dr. Macedo is one of the 29 prosthodontists with a private practice in the United States bearing the same credentials. After earning his DDS, MS, PhD, and becoming a prosthodontist, Dr. Macedo wanted to share his knowledge more thoroughly. He taught for three years at Oregon Health and Science University School of Dentistry as an esteemed professor.

Dr. Macedo started his lectures in 2002. He has touched various topics extensively, such as dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, advanced restorative dentistry, aesthetic analysis, minimally invasive dentistry, and many more. Working as a professor and getting involved in hands-on dentistry practice gave Dr. Macedo an additional advantage. He excelled in working through difficult and complicated restorations because of his first-hand experiences and a deeper understanding of the practice through his academic pursuits.

“Whether it is through a smile makeover, full-mouth reconstruction, or the practice of general dentistry, I am fortunate enough to witness the life-changing rejuvenation of my patients,” Dr. Macedo said. He finds fulfillment and satisfaction when his patients get the results they want. Dr. Macedo gives his 100% commitment to his craft, allowing him to obtain over 1,550 combined five-star reviews online.

His patients experience a state-of-the-art dental office equipped with the most progressive and advanced technologies. Aside from that, they have the freedom to express their wishes to Dr. Macedo fully. He prides himself on being able to give his patients a realistic preview of the final result before starting the treatment through his office’s entirely digitized in-house lab. Dr. Macedo’s methods can eliminate anxiety. As a result, his patients are completely at ease throughout the procedure.

Patients travel from all around the country to have their smiles personally treated by Dr. Macedo. Dr. Macedo stays grounded and authentic to his core values, centered on giving nothing but the best service to his patients. Everyone who comes through their doors gets the excellent, one-of-a-kind Macedo experience and new patients are welcome to our St. Petersburg office.