No one captures the feelings that love springs up within our hearts quite like Michael Buble, and on February 16th, Mr. Buble is bringing his unforgettable voice to Orlando’s Amway Center, for a not-to-be-missed tour just in time for the month of romance.

Although the man who so famously sets the warm emotions of a love story to sweet melody, Buble takes a more honest approach on his latest album, Love, in which the singer opens up about the challenges that love brings, as well as the healing power of song.

After a lengthy two-year absence, Buble has finally returned to the studio and the stage, a brighter moment after the storm of watching his four-year-old son, Noah, battle cancer. With new perspective, the Grammy-winning father views Love as a testament to the strength of hope—and especially the strength of his son, who he lovingly calls a “superhero.” Buble also wants this album to be a token of gratitude for those who have supported him through his difficult journey as he spent much-needed time with family.

“For me, this is a small way of being able to thank you and tell you how much I love you,” he shared with his fans over Facebook. Love might not have the upbeat excitement of the singer’s previous albums, yet this recent collection of pensive tracks showcases an established, settled Buble finding his place in the consistency of classic sounds.

Perhaps the hardship has taught Buble to express the various seasons of love in more depth and detail—even Buble has dubbed Love his “most romantic album to date”—as his voice now carries a certain vulnerability that seems to take life a bit more seriously.

Still, Buble has chosen to reenter the musical world with a sense of optimism, with the most timeless love songs and classic, feel-good favorites—but this time, they seem to mean something more.  Buble proves the significance of love in its truest form, opening the album with “When I Fall in Love,” promising that “it will be forever,” a phrase that must now hold great value in Buble’s heart.

Among the American standards throughout the album, Buble includes a couple original tracks that seamlessly weave right into the classically modern collection. “Love You Anymore,” co-written by pop singer Charlie Puth, sounds like it could have been composed in decades past. On “Forever Now,” a song Buble says he never plans to perform live, the songwriter sings to his children with words from the heart of a devoted father that will bring tears to anyone’s eyes.

The album is just as full of joyful notes and colorful hues, such as the big band flair on tracks like “I Only Have Eyes for You,” and “Such a Night.” The always effervescent “La Vie en Rose” adds a spirited touch to the album as Buble takes a bubbly, cheerful approach to Edith Piaf’s passionate international hit. Buble’s rich, eloquent timbre could rival the crooners of the Rat Pack, but his unique modernization shines through to provide the age-old American songbook with fresh life for a pop-centric audience.

Love is an album of heart-rending, melodic snapshots, and Buble’s 2018 tour is sure to inspire the most love-struck, lovesick, and hopeless romantics to find the beauty in every moment of life’s ever-changing journey, and to enjoy the love songs along the way.