You’ve probably seen the photos online of Chrissy Teigen, Selena Gomez, and other celebrities engaging in what they call the Lymphatic Drainage Massage. Well, what exactly is this massage and why is this becoming a health and wellness trend? Beginning with the basics, the network of vessels and organs underneath the skin that focus on flushing out toxins is called the lymphatic system. This system disposes of unwanted materials but also transports infection-fighting substances. The mindset behind the lymphatic drainage massage is that if you’re sick, bloated, or achy, then triggering the network into motion should essentially speed up the detoxing process, getting rid of all those unwanted fluids and bacteria.

Now you’re probably wondering if these so-called massages actually work. The lymphatic drainage massage actually began in the 1930’s in Europe and was called Lymphology. As it became more popular, different techniques started appearing which led to the spa treatment that many utilize today. The most common reason for the practice of the massage was for those suffering from Lymphedema and those recovering from cancer. Lymphedema is chronic swelling in specific areas of the body, so this therapy of unclogging actually helps for the allowance of the lymphatic fluid movement. If the lymphatic system is clogged, the cells in your body are not getting the fluid they need to fight diseases and illness. Therefore, many people have started incorporating this style of massage therapy for the immunity benefits.

Aside from the health benefits to your immune system, many celebrities have been seen hopping on this trend for the slimming effect. Unfortunately, if you’re only interested in the massage for the purpose of weight loss, it is only temporarily slimming and contouring. There is in fact no actual fat reduction happening. It has been found that the before and after pictures look exceptionally different because of the detoxing and reduction of water retention. This leaves the impression of a temporary visual effect.

Although there may not be any real fat reduction happening, the massage will still leave you feeling light and airy. Here in Orlando we have a few different places that provide the lymphatic drainage massage as a service. Zen Brazil in Southwest Orlando guarantees that “you will leave Zen Brazil feeling peaceful, relaxed and rejuvenated” and offers a fifty-minute session for the lymphatic drainage massage starting at $95. They also offer different packages for higher amounts of sessions and how long you want the session. If you don’t want to do your body but still want to test the treatment, you can opt for the lymphatic drainage for the face option instead for $75. Another highly rated spa located in Winter Park, is Lymphatic Drainage Orlando. Lymphatic Drainage Orlando was founded in 2007 and has come a long way since then. They offer several different lymphatic drainage treatments, such as: post-surgery, pre-natal, and regular lymphatic drainage. It just might be your turn to hop on this trend for those not so great days and feel immediate results.