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Lillian Reyes and Bob Joyce are partners in life and in the practice of law. It was a different time for women when Lillian went to University of Florida law school in 1977. She was asked why would a college cheerleader and homecoming queen want to go to law school. She graduated with honors, served on Law Review and won awards for her writing. After graduation in 1980 Lillian joined the Carlton Fields law firm in Tampa which had a handful of outstanding women attorneys. A few years later there were many more wonderful women attorneys in Tampa. Bob had also graduated in 1980 from Stetson Law School and the two met at a seminar for young attorneys.

Bob was practicing insurance defense work with the Barr and Murman law firm. Bob started his own firm in 1984, they married in 1986, and in 1987 Lillian joined Bob to form Joyce and Reyes Law Firm. The firm has always specialized in personal injury. It has been a wonderful 32 year partnership. The couple have three children Jillian, Jamison and Jacqueline and for many years when the kids were young they had a complete nursery play room in the office.

Their oldest daughter has special needs which has given the couple such a personal understanding of the difficulties that many of their clients encounter after an injury. The office has always been a family affair and now their son Jamison Joyce is an outstanding attorney practicing with them. Their other outstanding attorney Kevin Boucher was one of their special needs daughter’s friends growing up so they knew Kevin was compassionate. The couple says family and friends are most important and their clients usually become both. They both love practicing law. Lillian says she knows that Bob Joyce, her partner in life and law, is one of the best litigators anywhere.

Bob is Board Certified as a Civil Trail Lawyer  and has been awarded Trial Lawyer of the Year by both Tampa Bay Trial Lawyers and by Tampa Bay Chapter of ABOTA (American Board Of Trail Advocates). They take on fewer cases than many firms but they litigate more than most to get maximum compensation for their clients. They are both AV rated by Martindale Hubbell which is the highest rating for attorneys. They have both served their community and profession on many boards and committees.

Everyone in the business knows they will take a case to court and not give in until they have received full compensation for their client. Most of all they love representing their clients who have been injured and need their help. Their motto is to treat each case as it was their own.


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