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Community Veterinary Hospital

Lester Mandelker graduated from Michigan State University in 1968. He is a private practitioner and owner/director of an AAHA certified hospital since 1972. He first practiced in Miami before moving to Largo, FL to open Community Veterinary Hospital. Mandelker has been practicing veterinary medicine for over 50 yrs. In 1986 he became board certified in feline and canine medicine and was for over 30 years (1986-2017). He has special interests in internal medicine, pharmacology and antioxidant therapies targeted for mitochondrial disease. In 1988 Mandelker became the lead consultant and moderator of pharmacology for VIN (Veterinary Information Network) and still is to this day. Then In 2005, became an active Fellow of the American Academy of Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics.

A well  recognized national lecturer on pharmacology, nutraceuticals and antioxidant therapies with special emphasis on mitochondrial dysfunction and disease. Lectured at various state and national meetings including NAVC and ACVIM. Editor of 3 books on pharmacology, nutraceuticals, oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction and antioxidant  therapies. In 2004  published in the  Veterinary Clinics of North America “Nutraceuticals and  Other Biologicals Therapies.  In 2008 in the Veterinary Clinics of North America “Oxidative Stress: The Role of Mitochondria, Free Radicals and Antioxidants. Then in 2012 Co-Edited in Studies on Veterinary Medicine  “Oxidative Stress in  Applied Basic Research and Clinical Practice. His scientific abstracts on drugs and nutritional supplements in regards to their cellular function has been among the top 20 read abstracts on cellular function (Research-gate). His books are available on Amazon.com

He previously received a grant from the American Association of Feline Practitioners(AAFP) to study a new anti-viral drug called Panavira for viral diseases. Presently, he is the leadresearchers for the company, “Nuovobiologics.com,” that produces the anti-viral therapies which comes from natural sources. 

Mandelker has been married to his lovely wife Brenda since 1989. He comes from a strong family and considers himself religious man with two wonderful and smart kids born in 1993. Both attend college with special interests in medical technology and similar fields. His son is an orthopedic nurse in TGH ( Tampa General Hospital). Mandelker’s hobbies include tennis, fishing, cooking in his Wok and dancing. His special interest in competitive tennis led him to compete in local and national tournaments, consistently ranking in the top 20 in Florida in his age group. He also enjoys skiing and traveling overseas.

As a practicing veterinarian, his emphasis is on diagnosis of disease which allows for more targeted medicine and therapies specific for that disease. To obtain a diagnosis of disease…Community Veterinary Hospital has a complete array of diagnostic equipment including two in-house blood machines, color doppler ultrasound, digital radiography,  endoscopic equipment, surgical cautery machines, hot and cold laser treatments and biopsy procedures etc. He beleives having compassion, ethical, and considerate qualities are well exhibited by our practice, as well as the intention to discuss all medical options with clients about their pet(s).