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Dr. Michael Rumore, Dr. Kristin Wrede, Dr. Veronica Brenes-LaRoche, Dr. Abigail O’Connor

Longevity matters.  Lake Seminole Animal Hospital has been helping pets for more than 58 years, with three generations of some families trusting their pets to them. They appreciate the trust, as well as the effort that some people make to drive from other counties and cities to see them.  The longevity is reflected in the staff as well, with many being part of the LSAH family for more than a decade or two. Owner Dr. Michael Rumore truly believes in his staff; “Our staff is compassionate and talented and so loyal because they believe in our mission; all of us came into this field because we really wanted to help animals and it’s fulfilling to be able to go home every night knowing you did some real good in the universe.”

The nurses, assistants and client care specialists are an important part of the mix. “While our doctors are some of the most knowledgeable and skilled, the level of care they provide is multiplied by the excellent staff that supports them,” Dr. Rumore continued.  “The team of doctors really work as a team and the collaboration helps – they aren’t a bunch of individual doctors working separately. Built in second opinions are part of the system.”

The skill level of LSAH is exceptional and the depth of experience ranges from rural Pennsylvania farm work to animal shelters in India and all over the United States. “The doctors and nurses are so excited to learn some new advanced medical technique, but then don’t hesitate to get on the floor with a puppy or an older pup who is struggling to get around. They all care so much and just want to help.”

Much has changed over the last half century. Digital x-rays and imaging, advanced testing and new treatments have allowed them to help pets in ways they never imagined. The technology and medical progress has been huge, but even more is our understanding of the psychology of dogs and cats. “We work so much harder these days to keep pets comfortable, pain free and less stressed, especially during their visits here.” Whether it’s for a wellness check up or because a furry friend is very sick, trying to make their visit easier for the pets and their parents is important.

LSAH continues to be locally and privately owned. “So much emphasis is being placed on shopping local, but its becoming harder and harder to find veterinary care that’s not owned by a national corporation. Unfortunately, with a little digging, many people are just finding out that what they thought was a local business is no longer the “mom and pop” operation they thought is was. It’s different when you live and work in your own community and the strings aren’t being pulled by a corporate board a thousand miles away,” says Dr. Rumore. That’s why LSAH has always been involved in the community, helping local shelters and rescues, as well as founding Nell’s Fund, which helps care for sick and injured homeless pets and finds them forever families locally.

“I feel so blessed to be able to work at Lake Seminole Animal Hospital,” said Dr. Rumore. “Years ago we had a wonderful client give us a painting of a cabin lit up in the dark woods. She said LSAH reminded her of that cabin, a beacon of light for her when she was scared for her beloved fur baby. We work every day to continue to be that beacon of light for pet owners. We know how much people love their four legged kids and want to be there for them when they need us.”