Whiplash Neurosurgical Specialty: Migraine Headaches and Brain Fog.

Joel Ira Franck MD FAANS is a Tampa Neurosurgeon. Since 1979, he has performed life-saving procedures on ten thousand patients with every imaginable condition of the brain, spine, and spinal cord.

Dr. Franck’s passionate focus has been on treating the cause of the debilitating symptoms of Cervical Spine Whiplash Injuries: Severe Brain Fog, Intractable Migraine Headaches, excruciating Neck Pain, and Neurological Dysfunction.  

Integrating Cervical Digital Motion X-rays and Upright Positional Cervical MRI scans, Dr. Franck discovered these symptoms are due to Whiplash Induced instability of the upper two cervical vertebra.  He developed an outpatient operation stabilizing the upper two cervical vertebra and decompressing the brainstem, without any significant limitation of neck mobility.

Dr. Franck has performed his procedure on over 210 worldwide patients – from the United States, Canada, Europe, Middle East, and Asia.  Success at completely reversing Brain Fog, often misdiagnosed as permanent traumatic brain injury, and eliminating debilitating Migraine Headaches, without any significant complications, have been the most gratifying results of his career.

Dr. Franck hails from New York City. Descended from a long line of scholars and Rabbis, that continued with his parents and older brothers, Dr. Franck’s focus is Reason and Compassion.  Influences include the close intellectual relationship with Novelist-Philosopher Ayn Rand. His uncle, Isaac Franck, a Philosophy professor, actively involved in the Civil Rights movement, played a leading role in facilitating Dr. Martin

Luther King’s “I Have a Dream Speech” in Washington.

Dr. Franck attended the Bronx High School of Science, graduated MIT in three years studying Life Sciences and Theoretical Physics,  and was a Neurophysiology graduate fellow of the New York Rockefeller University.  A Yale University School of Medicine Honors Graduate, he completed a seven year Residency program at the Syracuse, New York Upstate Medical Center and commenced practice in Maine.

Dr. Franck holds 15 StarFix patents, a revolutionary deep brain surgery system, for the treatment of movement disorders, used since 2001 on over 15,000 worldwide cases, and holds two National Biotechnology Gold Medals. His 100 publications and patents are referenced over 2000 times.

Dr. Franck is an author, worldwide lecturer, researcher in Quantum Physics, and an Aristotelian philosopher.  IBM’s youngest computer programmer at 14, he worked at MIT’s Draper Lab, creators of the Apollo Lunar Landing systems and he developed the earliest 3-D imaging programs.  Dr. Franck was a Scientific Intelligence Analyst at the CIA.

Avocations include Equestrian sports, Polo, Scuba Diving, Shooting, Swimming, World Travel, and Art Collecting. Proud of his children and grandchildren, Dr. Franck is passionately in love with his Springer Spaniel Bonnie Lass Choquette. 

Dr. Franck is a photographer of world repute with over 2.6 million following votes, 101 international exhibits, and 38 photography magazine entries

Dr. Franck is a compassionate Doctor’s Doctor, who takes a global view of his patients as suffering fellow human beings.  His goal is to give them back truly functional, productive, and joyous lives.

3180 Curlew Road, Ste 106, Oldsmar, FL 34677 | P: 850-778-1547 | www.drjoelfranck.com