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Attorney Jason Kobal has 20 years experience handling workers’ compensation cases and over a decade of personal injury matters such as car/motorcycle accidents and slip and falls. More recently, he has focused on fair debt law for illegal billing and credit damage. His firm Kobal Law has represented thousands of clients in the Tampa Bay area since being founded in 2011.

Jason has been at the forefront of creating new case law that allows injured workers who have been illegally billed by medical providers to pursue claims using the fair debt statutes in both state and federal court. He filed the original complaint in a case currently awaiting decision by the Supreme Court of Florida. Once decided, it will act as the highest level precedence for this specific cause of action in the entire country. 

Attorney Kobal has a passion for fighting for the rights of injured workers. He has experience on both sides of the table, as his career began representing employers and insurance companies. But for the last 17 years, he has exclusively represented injured workers. He takes pride in a very hands-on approach by handling cases centered around client communication. Every decision made is preceded by an attorney-client conversation to ensure optimal results. No client should ever wonder what the game plan is and no client is ever left in the dark.

Communication is prioritized in how the firm handles personal injury claims. Jason believes that educating clients on policy limits as soon as possible is essential to obtain the best possible result. This past year the firm settled 19 consecutive cases for maximum policy limits. 

Jason received his undergraduate degree from the Pennsylvania State University and his law degree from Stetson University College of Law. He has been in good standing with the Florida Bar Association since 2001, is licensed to practice in all Florida state courts and is also certified to practice in federal court in the United States District Court in Middle District of Florida. He is an active member of the Florida Workers Advocates’ (FWA).