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Growing up in Iowa, I never imagined I’d be a chiropractor, let alone live in beautiful Tampa Bay. My dream was to help plan and design cities, and that was my career path when I joined Georgia Tech’s graduate program in City Planning.  While at Tech I got a job at Life University, the largest Chiropractic school in the world, as a front office assistant. There, I was exposed to the world of holistic health.

I listened to interns talking about how their patient’s conditions disappeared or were dramatically improved: chronic low back pain, carpal tunnel, acid reflux, “frozen shoulders”, high blood pressure, even fertility issues.  So, when an intern started talking about how chiropractic care helped his patient’s migraines and headaches, my ears perked up. My mother was a long-time sufferer, and her doctor said her migraines were the worst he’d ever seen.  I convinced her to try chiropractic treatment. Her migraines and posture improved dramatically.

As a result, I wanted to learn as much as possible about the field. I dropped out of Georgia Tech and enrolled full-time at Life University. Our professors instructed us in the inner workings of the body – how the nervous system is the first thing to develop in-utero and subsequently coordinates physical health. When the spine, which protects the central nervous system, is out of alignment, it can affect the function of the nervous system and therefore, the health of the entire body.

“My passion is and always has been to help my community.”

I completed over 100 hours of training in the Knee Chest Upper Cervical Specific (KCUCS) technique, which focuses on removing the greatest neurological interference in the top of the spine to permit optimal functioning of the nervous system. I assisted in one of the largest controlled studies in chiropractic history with over 300 patient participants, examining correlations between chiropractic care and blood pressure. I’ve also published research on upper cervical care and how it can help patients with fibromyalgia.

My passion is and always has been to help my community.  Since moving to Tampa and opening Current Chiropractic with my husband, Dr. Theodore Dragoo, I have seen how pain and chronic illness can affect people’s moods. We have helped patients who were barely able to walk give up their canes. I have seen patients go from having headaches every day to having none, with just two adjustments. Chiropractic has helped my family and I know it can help others. My dream is still to make an impact in the community, and it starts one spine at a time.

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