Ten years later and that e-card writer is proving to be quite the psychic. The biggest proof of this is women’s new obsession with the dad bod. The dad bod is any man whose body looks like it spends more time running errands for his lady then running laps around the track. While in the past that may have been seen as the guy you stick with the girl who came out with your group for a GNO that nobody really likes but now this same guy is the big win that everyone is fighting over to captivate.

What sparked the change from six pack to dad bod? It isn’t so much that women everywhere are drooling about the idea that you can devour a large pizza and a case of cold brews all in one sitting, although we are impressed, it’s more of a turn on about what having a dad bod symbolizes. In the eyes of a woman if you are a man with a dad bod it means that you work hard during the day so that the gym isn’t always an option. It means you drive a car that will have four doors and a decent size trunk to put our shopping bags in. Being a man with a dad bod shows you know your way around your kitchen not only to cook but also to clean. It also means that you won’t ask us to go on the dreaded gym date, drink your green breakfast shakes, or expect us to always be in top physical shape ourselves.

Having the dad bod means you admit defeat to the days of going out all night with your boys in search of a girl for the night. Women as a whole thank you for this. It is much easier for you to have found this out on your own. You have made your own template about how to be a relationship guy, and we like it.


The attraction that comes with a dad bod also comes from the name itself. Whether it be our daddy issues or our pressure by society to procreate, something about the dad bod gets our blood pumping. It shows to us that you are ready for that next step in your life and you will take care of us, but also, any future children we could have together.

A rock hard six pack may get you somewhere with the ladies, but it won’t get you to the place you want to be the most, their heart.