Meet the stars who can vacation in their own private paradise!

As if a collection of fancy cars, yachts, private planes, and other expensive toys weren’t enough, some celebrities also feel the need to purchase their own little kingdom in the form of a private island! From business investments to paparazzi-free getaways, here are eight celebrities who purchased their own slice of paradise.

Celine Dion – Ile Gagnon, Quebec 
The Canadian songstress owns a private island, Ile Gagnon, located between Boisbriand and Laval. The best feature of this island is the Laval mansion which she and her late-husband Rene Angelil had custom-built in 2001. The 24,000 square-foot home has six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a stone wine cellar with tasting area, an elevator, an in-ground pool, a grand staircase and even a games room. The mansion was the most expensive property for sale in the Montreal area until it sold in 2016 for $25.5 million.

Nicholas Cage – Leaf Cay, Bahamas
In 2006, Nicolas Cage purchased Leaf Cay, an Exumas in the Bahamas, for $3 million. Today, the 35 acre property can be yours for a cool $8.5 million. The island features three unspoilt white sandy beaches, protected deep water access suitable for anchorage and docking of large yachts, and decent elevations. There is also a small pond on the island that would make an ideal private harbour if the new owners wish to create one!


Johnny Depp – Little Halls Pond Cay, Bahamas 
Johnny Depp first laid eyes on Little Halls Pond Cay while shooting Pirates of the Caribbean in 2004. He snapped up the 45 acres of private island that same year for $3.6 million. The island is located in the south of the Bahamas and has a palm tree-lined lagoon, solar-powered houses and six beaches named after Depp’s children and former partner Vanessa Paradis.

Eddie Murphy – Rooster Cay, Bahamas 
In 2007, one of Hollywood’s highest paid actors bought Rooster Cay island in the Bahamas for $15 million. The 15+ acre island is located off the coast of Nassau in the Long Cay region. There are reportedly no such plans of resort development even though it would appear to be an ideal place for such recreation. According to Private Island Magazine, the comedian used to own another Bahamian cay called Pearl Island.

Shakira – Bonds Cay, Bahamas 
In 2011, the Colombian singer invested $16 million in a 700-acre island with Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters and Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz. Bonds Cay already boasted a hotel and 18-hole golf course at the time of purchase, but the trio were reported to have plans to develop it as both an artists’ retreat and a destination for the rich and famous with boutique hotels, luxury condominiums and private beaches.

Leonardo DiCaprio – Blackadore Caye, Belize
The Wolf of Wall Street star bought a 2.2 miles long island off the coast of Belize for $1.75 million in 2005. Leonardo is an outspoken environmental voice and has plans to develop the 104 acres island into an eco-resort and wildlife preserve. The resort will feature 36 resort bungalows and 36 estate homes, all of which will be powered by 100% renewable energy harvested from solar panels. Even rainwater will be collected and filtered on-site to meet the resort’s water needs.

Mel Gibson – Mago Island, Fiji
Mel Gibson reportedly paid $15 million for his Fiji island in 2004, just after the release of his film The Passion of the Christ. The island is practically its own country at 5,400 acres, which also makes it one of the largest private islands in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. Mago Island is relatively undeveloped at present and inhabited only by a few Fijian caretakers.

Tyler Perry – White Bay Cay, Bahamas
In 2009, Tyler Perry purchased White Bay Cay in The Exuma Cays in the Bahamas for $6.4 million to celebrate his 40th birthday. The award-winning actor even took pilot lessons so he could fly his own private plane to the property which consist of a 25-acre island and a seven-acre island relatively close by. He spoke of the purchase with People saying, “I’m a loner by nature, so when I’m out there on these islands, I just feel like the only person in the world.”