Red Velvet Entertainment is the #1 Tampa burlesque show in the Tampa area. With burlesque shows every week, it’s the ultimate cabaret show!

Red Velvet Entertainment is the number one Tampa burlesque show in the Tampa area. With burlesque shows every week, Red Velvet provides some of the most intricate and exotic burlesque and cabaret performances in the country, offering new and exciting performances that have never been seen before. With a combination of unparalleled choreography mixed with classical burlesque dance routines, it strives to outperform any other burlesque show in the industry. If you have never been to a burlesque show, this is the one to watch!

Burlesque shows vary but Red Velvet Entertainment combines the very best in burlesque and cabaret performances to provide an experience unmatched by any other production company, with dancers from around the world to provide new and entertaining performances. Once visiting Red Velvet Entertainment, you will never need to see another burlesque show in Tampa. Red Velvet Entertainment offers only the best from the industry and all of the audience will leave feeling satisfied.

The Tampa burlesque dancers engage with the audience to ensure that everybody is having a good time during the performances. The management team goes above and beyond to coordinate all of the stunts and choreography involved in each and every show. Every show is different from week to week which is why the repeating customers always enjoy coming back. Nobody is ever bored at the burlesque shows. Whether you have never seen a burlesque show before or if you are a burlesque show veteran, they receive favorable reviews and feedback from all of their clientele. Red Velvet Entertainment strives to provide new and exciting experiences on a weekly basis to people of all ages.

“With burlesque shows across the country, we have burlesque dancers from all over the world. We mix new and exciting talent with professional veteran burlesque dancers who have been in the industry their entire lives. As a result, we are able to provide a blend of some of the most interesting burlesque talents in the industry that no other show is able to match.” – Red Velvet Entertainment

Guests must be at least 21 years old at this location.

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