Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice – Because Pets are Family



My passion for end of life care sparked during my last year in veterinary school. I helped an elderly dog diagnosed with cancer remain comfortable until his family could come together for his final moments. Although exhausted from round the clock care, I felt so complete. This old pup walked into the hospital painful and unhappy. We could not take the tumors out of his lungs and abdomen, but we could make him feel great for the short time that he had left. I remember hearing his owner laugh over the phone when I called to tell him that his sweet old hunting partner pointed at some birds while walking outside. He had not done that for a long time. The handsome boy’s last day was beautiful. Surrounded by his family, he fell asleep; his last week of life as painless as we could possibly give him.

One of the most significant days in our lives is the day we die. It is such an intimate moment. With Lap of Love, I can help families say goodbye to their beloved pets in the comfort of their own home. In that sacred moment surrounded by family, there is a breath of relief as the pain disappears. The fear of suffering melts away. Euthanasia, a good death, is the final gift that we can give our pets.

Beyond euthanasia, Lap of Love can also help families through the difficult decision of when to say goodbye. There are plenty of cases where it is not in the pet’s best interest to pursue more diagnostics or hospital stays. I love visiting families, listening to their concerns, reviewing their pet’s condition, and guiding them through a plan specifically tailored to their needs. My focus is on quality of life, not quantity, although both would be ideal. My passion for end of life care stems from a love for life. I know that I have succeeded when a family experiences as few bad days as possible with their furry loved one. 

If you are ever concerned about your pet’s quality of life, feel free to visit our website or call. Lap of Love employs compassionate veterinarians and support staff to help you navigate through the heavy decisions surrounding hospice and euthanasia for your furry family member.


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