March is here and that New Year’s resolution of getting toned abs is still at the back of your to-do list. In the midst of planning for spring and summer vacations, you realize you’ve neglected the one thing you told yourself you were going to accomplish this year: defined abs in time for summer. The worry now begins to kick in because getting a six-pack of abs overnight is virtually impossible … or is it?

Though achieving a six-pack in one night might be a bit of a stretch, taking the week before you go on vacation to crack down on your diet and exercise is going to do your mid-section absolute wonders.

Let’s start with the most important aspect of achieving drool-worthy abs quickly: diet. And if there’s only a week before the start of your vacation, your diet needs to be extra rigorous. Try incorporating these tips:

-High protein intake

-Few grams of healthy fat per meal

-Water, water, water

-Smaller, more frequent meals

-Lots of vegetables

-No sugar

According to Men’s Fitness, you should also eliminate all possible allergens from your diet, even if you don’t think you have any.  Even a slight reaction in your body can cause you to bloat, and if this is the case, you can kiss your abs goodbye.

The second most important step to miracle abs is exercising. Making sure to do core.