Interior design in 2016 is foreshadowed as a year of boundary pushing; a culmination of modern and basics in harmony. Frontlining color palettes showcase hues of lilacs & purples, milky blues, neutrals with jewel tones and layers of white. This year is all about opening spaces and making them your own.


Our Top Five Trends this Year:

1. Mixed materials, metals, and metallics.

2016 is all about mixing different accents and materials collectively in spaces. This trend along with various metals and metallic pieces keep any space original in character.

2. Geometric tiles.

Geometric wall tiles have found their way into all living spaces, creating a more a fluid, no boundaries approach to decorating. Dare to go for dimension?

3. Statement bathroom mirrors.

Adding a one of a kind mirror to your bathroom is a trend that’s proven to add dimension to your coveted sanctuary. This is one big way to transition the feel of your bathroom into your living space.

4. Black polished stainless steel appliances.

The newest kitchen trend is black stainless steel appliances. Modern, sleek, and versatile. We think this one’s here to stay.

5.  Custom lighting.

Whether it’s an original structured fireplace or an artisan light fixture; new or old lighting transforms any spatial mood.